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Planning and Zoning Commissioner

Chair elected:  

2018 - Present

As a member of Planning and Zoning (P&Z), I work with the Commission to  ensure our development codes are enforced and make recommendations on zoning, code, and variances to our elected officials. 


During my time on P&Z, I've assisted with bringing the City Council several improvements to the Unified Development Code (UDC) that promote resident's health, safety, and quality of life.


 Extra Territorial Jurisdiction - Residential Lot Requirements

  • 60-foot of road frontage is required (previously no limit)

  • If connecting to our City sewer system, the property must annex into the city


Expansion of our business development zoning classifications to allow more opportunities for business

  • C2R - allows all C2 businesses with no alcohol sales

  • C3R - allows all C3 businesses with no alcohol sales


The Council passed these improvements to our UDC, strengthening our position for development.

Participate in ACOG, municipal training, Sara conferences about drainage issues, classes in  CHARM, and FEMA (Texas water development board) to improve understanding of zoning as well as issues related to flood control and development.

Charter Review Commission


The Charter Review Commission is the entity appointed by the City Council to inquire into the city's operations and review the city charter to determine whether it requires revision.


While on this commission, I: 

  • proposed a Hybrid Council structure to expand citizen access to their elected officials. This change modified the current seven Single Member Districts into four Single Member Districts and three At-Large positions, expanding the opportunity to vote for four Council Members as opposed to just one

  • requested clarification of Eminent Domain Powers of the City be added to the City Charter

  • proposed that if Bond funds are left over, there must be a Public Hearing before Council can spend the money


Our commission recommended several charter updates that the public voted to approved in the November 2021 election. 

Unified Development Code (UDC) Committee


As a member of the Unified Development Code (UDC) Committee,

I worked with the committee to: 

  • promote the Community Health and Resource Management (CHARM) recommendations

  • advocate to create conservation development zoning classification and continue to do so

  •  advocate that we review and strengthen  the City's Design and Construction Manual (DCM), especially in road construction requirements

  • ensure weaknesses in statue are addressed

  • act in an advisory to the Council and P&Z Commission regarding the policy considerations to be made in revising all other provisions in the City's Unified Development.

While on UDC, I also advocated for joint meetings to improve communication and interaction between the P&Z, Economic Development Commission (EDC), and City Council. These joint meetings were vital in promoting a better understanding of the issues. 

Brick Wall

Comprehensive Master Plan Committee


*Meetings beginning Fall 2022

The Comprehensive Master Plan Committee's (CMPC) role is provide a balanced community opinion on essential City issues and the vision for the future. My goals for the CMPC are to: 

  • speak about Conservation Development

  • speak about addressing our weaknesses as identified in our Strategic Plan

  • promote joint meetings with EDC and Council to better define terms for by-right use in our UDC Uses Table 

  • expand our commercial zoning 


The CMPC’s comments and feedback are essential in developing a Plan that captures the character of where Cibolo wants to be in the next 20 years and beyond.

Animal Advisory Board


*Meetings beginning Fall 2022

As an animal lover and Officer for Braver Hund, I stepped up to serve as the Nonprofit Animal Welfare Organization Representative on the Animal Advisory Board. 

  • passionate about helping Cibolo find acceptable outcomes for animal service

  • will assist in determining community standards for animal services through appropriate channels

  • researched methods/procedures implemented by other cities

  •  will continue to work to ensure the process meets community standards. 

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